Chessboxing Quiz Night – 16th Jan

Chessboxing legend and Egg Heads veteran Matt “Crazy Arms” Read is putting on a chessboxing quiz night with top chess aficionado David “Powerhouse” Jarmany. It’s at the Shaftesbury Tavern in North London from 6pm on Thursday the 16th of January 2020. GET YOU TICKETS HERE!

LCB would like to thank all their fighters and production team for their hard work over 2019. Please come along and get to know other members of the Chessboxing scene a little better. A special thanks to our fighters from 2019:

Anthony “Toto” Bourached
Brian “No Slack” Mak
Cameron “Hurtlocker” Little
Dan “Tax Man” Mayfield
Daniele “Dada” Giulio Rota
Gearóid “Sex Appeal” Veale
Jon “The Brick” Wood
Karl “Ouch”
Marc “The Essex Bomb” Sidwell
Matt “Crazy Arms” Read
Max “Jock Talk” Gershfield
Nick “Show Stopper” Cornish
Nikita “Razor” Evstafiev
Otto “Bismarck” Viherä
Peter “Actuator” Crowley
Richard “Razor” Frazer
Sakari “Horse Attack” Lähderinne
Shayan “The Kingstonian” Zarein Dolab
Tim “Hippo” Woolgar
Toby “Slowby” White