May 22 Oracle Chessboxing Gala – the results

On Thursday May 22 the very first Chessboxing Gala took place in the City of London. The black-tie dinner show was hosted by Oracle Cancer Trust to raise money for head and neck cancer research. Highlight of the night was of course the entertainment, provided by our team of first class chessboxers that all put on the fight of their careers.

Richard ‘The Razor’ Frazer vs Daniel Lizarraga

Kicking of the evening was a fight between England’s Richard Frazer and Spain’s Daniel Lizarraga. The favourite on paper, Lizarraga was undefeated with 5 chessboxing wins. With a higher Elo rating and also standing several inches taller, Frazer had a tough opponent in the Spaniard from Panplona.

Starting on the board, Lizarraga quickly built up a small time advantage as Frazer was making his moves carefully. With the gloves on, Frazer pushed forward as he was chasing the Spaniard around the ring with jabs. In the chess, Frazer was getting the wrong end of the stick and tried to balance it out in the boxing. Using his movement to his advantage Lizarraga dodged many hits and was countering with right hands. Frazer was getting picked apart and Lizarraga landed a right hand giving Frazer a black eye. Unsettled by the hit, Frazer lost even more material and time on the board and just before a definitive check mate, his clock ran out.

Winner: Lizarraga by time penalty in round 7

Frazer vs LizarragaBy James Bartosik

IMG_0077-mBy James Bartosik

Frazer vs LizarragaBy Justinas Vabuolas

Lizarraga Frazer

LizarragaBy Justinas Vabuolas


Matt ‘Crazy Arms’ Read vs Isidro Gete

Second was a one of London’s finest, Matt Read against the Spanish star Isidro Gete. Starting the bout, Read was slightly falling behind on time, but chess points were equal. In the boxing, Read was doing the cleaner work, but was up against the ropes as Gete used his reach against him.

Read found a second wind in the boxing and came out explosively as his chess clock was running low. But after going into blitz chess mode, trying to beat the clock, Gete took Read’s rook and queen. Gete used a self-confident style of boxing, fighting with his hands low and drawing out his opponent. Threatening several checks at break neck speed, Gete took the edge and Read – with only a few seconds left on the clock – submitted.

Winner: Gete by submission in round 9

Read vs GeteBy Justinas Vabuolas

Read vs GeteBy Justinas Vabuolas

Read vs GeteBy Justinas Vabuolas

Read vs GeteBy Justinas Vabuolas

GeteBy James Bartosik


Sean ‘The Machine’ Mooney vs Eduard ‘The Eagle’ Lleshi

Main event of the night was favourite Sean Mooney against underdog Eduard Lleshi from Albania. The Canadian Mooney who works in the City of London, had the crowd behind him as he walked into the ring. The board game started tentatively as both fighters settled into the game. The boxing on the other hand was explosive and in the second round, with a massive right hand, Lleshi hit Mooney on the chin and sent him to the canvas. Mooney, still staggering survived and managed to compose himself again in the following chess round. He lost some precious time on the clock but slowly got the edge over the Albanian.

Continuing with aggressive punches, Lleshi was looking for a knock out as Mooney increased his advantage on the board. After converting a pawn into a queen, Mooney was hunting for a chess finish, but the bell was out before a check mate. Refusing to go into defence, Mooney went all out in the following boxing round and Lleshi was visibly bleeding by now. After another energetic flurry of punches, Lleshi was rocked. With a swollen nose, the medics came in to check Lleshi’s condition. To save him from further punishment, the referee waved the fight.

Winner: Mooney by TKO in round 10

IMG_0534-sBy James Bartosik

LleshiBy Justinas Vabuolas

Mooney vs LleshiBy Justinas Vabuolas

IMG_0553-mBy James Bartosik

Mooney vs LleshiBy Justinas Vabuolas

Mooney vs LleshiBy Justinas Vabuolas

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