Haunts and hit movies at Chelsea Old Town Hall

While pictures say more than a thousand words, photographs come nowhere near to telling the whole story of the magnificent Chelsea Old Town Hall.

The beautiful Victorian hall, built in 1885, didn’t go unnoticed by some famous filmmakers. With its splendid original oil paintings, elegant marble columns magnificent chandeliers, the Chelsea Old Town Hall was used several times as a backdrop for box office hits.


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Juggernaut – 1974


Many of the scenes on board the Britannic luxury cruiser were filmed in the corridors of the Chelsea Old Town Hall. The film’s director was Richard Lester.

Empire of the Sun – 1987


This film by Stephen Spielberg was nominated for six Oscars and won three BAFTAs.
During the shoot, the Spielberg fell asleep in the main hall and one of the building porters actually woke him up and asked him to leave because he thought he was a rough sleeper.


Up The Junction – 1968

Up The Junction

A film by Peter Collinson.


Ghosts in Chelsea

The Chelsea Old Town Hall is clearly a special place with its rich history and impressive architecture. Some have even claimed that it is haunted. The venue manager who has worked there for over 20 years has heard and seen many strange things and peculiar incidents.

One event in particular has sparked his believe there might be something weird going on at this place. A waitress was once said to have had a conversation with an man dressed as an admiral. But the next moment he was nowhere to be seen again and seemed to have disappeared…


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