Former world champ Terry Marsh victorious in chessboxing comeback

Former World Boxing Champion Terry Marsh made a historic comeback last Saturday during ‘The Italian Job’ at the Scala. Taking on Chris Powell in the main event, Marsh put his undefeated record on the line to brave the boxing ring once again.

With a brilliant chess game and precision boxing, Marsh showed the world he is still worthy of his title. In round nine he came out victorious by checkmating his opponent. We caught up with Marsh – who was also a junior chess champion – to ask him about his magnificent chessboxing fight.


How did you hear about chessboxing and what attracted you to do it?
I came across it online. I’d been playing quite a lot of chess in the last few months and also doing quiet a fair bit of training so it seemed a natural progression.

As this was your comeback fight and your ‘undefeated world champion’ title was at stake, how did you feel before the fight?
Very apprehensive. I’m proud of my undefeated record and realised I was putting that and my reputation on the line.

How do you think the fight went and what was it to be back in a (chess)boxing ring?
It went very well and I did get a buzz from it, particularly because I was running out of time and at the end I was only 10 seconds – I’m given to understand – from defeat.

Could you tell me how it felt to win your debut chessboxing match?
It isn’t about the thrill of winning but the relief of avoiding defeat.

Will we see you back in the chessboxing ring in the future?
It would be prudent to quit while I’m ahead but I fear I might try my luck a few more times.