The Thunderdome

We are going back to our roots at The Dome in Tuffnel Park.

This means Chessboxing is getting hot and sticky at this underground venue. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy a beer or two in while you watch the greatest show on the planet.

Headlining the show Matt “Crazy Arms” Read faces Vincent Forest from Paris, France in a super middleweight encounter with huge significance. Crazy Arms has only ever lost one bout,the massively controversial second match against Chris Levy in which he contends he was beaten by an illegal move. Now after establishing himself as the most successful chessboxer in history, Read has publicly discussed retirement plans with June 23rd scheduled to be his swansong performance.

His opponent is Vincent Forest is a high level chessplayer with enormous fitness and technique and has declared it his mission to dismantle Crazy Arms’ legacy during his final appearance. This is one bout all chessboxing fans must see!