Next Event: “Pity the Fool!” April 1st, 2017

Headline Bout: UKIP vs LIB DEM A Knock-Out Euro-clash.

Chessboxing is a wild mix-up of two of mankind’s oldest sporting obsessions. Opponents slug it out on the chessboard and in the ring in alternating rounds of chess and boxing until there is a winner by checkmate or KO, whichever comes first.

This show features a headline bout with political clout as UKIP MEP Jonathan Arnott faces Lib Dem activist Toby White. Arnott is a strong club level chess player taking his first steps in boxing during his time away from monitoring Brexit negotiations in Brussels. His opponent Toby “Slowby” White, a veteran of two previous Chessboxing bouts is looking for payback after campaigning unsuccessfully for the Remain campaign last Summer.

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