Whether you are taking part or spectating, chessboxing is a highly enjoyable and rewarding experience. LCB has earned a deserved reputation hosting the most exciting nights out in Europe, a truly awe-inspiring mix of sporting thrills, glamour and razzmatazz.

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Chessboxing Season Opener – Report

Chessboxing Season Opener – Report

  Matt “Crazy Arms” Read vs Gavin “Grievous Bodily Farmer” Paterson  Kicking off the event was a fight between debutant Gavin “Grievous Bodily Farmer” Paterson and veteran Matt “Crazy Arms” Read. Starting on the board, Paterson made a highly unorthodox Catalan opening with his g-pawn, seemingly putting Read off his stride immediately and the opening was...

June 14 – “The Italian Job” International Chessboxing Spectacle

We’re back at the Scala nightclub with a special night of entertainment featuring the ultimate England V Italy showdown, chessboxing followed by a late night live screening of England’s opening game of the World Cup Finals against Italy in Brazil. Kick-off 11pm. Demonstrate your love of all things Anglo-Italian enjoy the most spectacular chessboxing night...

May 22 – Chessboxing Charity Gala in collaboration with Oracle Cancer Trust

Oracle are holding the inaugural Oracle Cancer Trust Chessboxing Gala. Chessboxing is the most exciting new sports show hitting London. Dozens of City workers train regularly and compete in this intriguing, exciting blend of brain and brawn. Tickets are already in demand for this unusual event, so do join us for the City’s first ever Chessboxing gala...
May 16 - Yellobric Charity Chessboxing Ball

May 16 – Yellobric Charity Chessboxing Ball

The Yellobric Chessboxing Ball is being staged at the Chelsea Old Town Hall on May 16th 2014. The event will showcase the sport being described as “the bi-athlon of 21st Century” featuring contestants hand-picked from the world’s leading chessboxers – the smartest and toughest sportsmen on the globe.
April 12 - The 2014 Season Opener

April 12 – The 2014 Season Opener

Join us for the start of the chessboxing year at the iconic Scala nightclub in King’s Cross. Our “Season Opener” is always an outstanding event and 2014 promises to be one of the best years yet with a host of new faces arriving on the London Chessboxing stage.
Report: International Chessboxing - Season's Climax December 14

Report: International Chessboxing – Season’s Climax December 14

By Myriam Dijck After having one of the most exciting years in chessboxing so far, 2013 was concluded with a worthy season climax chessboxing spectacle. The crowd was as keen as ever to see some of their favourite fighters enter the ring and take on the chessboxing challenge. Here are all the highlights of the...
The Wild Bulls, October 2013 - Report

The Wild Bulls, October 2013 – Report

by Naqib Qazi A night of drama unfolded on Saturday night as International Chessboxing took centre stage at the Scala in London’s Kings Cross. A boisterous crowd was treated to an evening of cabaret, pomp and sheer chessboxing excitement.  The event saw top-class talent from across the globe, pit their might and wit against each...
Chessboxing Film Closes On Kickstarter Target

Chessboxing Film Closes On Kickstarter Target

“The King’s Discipline”  is the working title of the chessboxing documentary shot over three years by French Canadian film-maker David Bitton. Bitton has invested his life-savings travelling tens of thousands of miles, shooting over 300 hours of footage and interviewing chessboxers from all corners of the world to bring his project to the edit room...
Kings Of The Ring, June 2013 - Results

Kings Of The Ring, June 2013 – Results

Scala, King’s Cross – 8 June 2013   WCBA World Heavyweight Title Eliminator Sergio Leveque (Ita) vs Mark Pilkington (Eng) Winner: Leveque (checkmate) WCBA Middleweight Title Elimininator Mike Botteley (Eng) vs Andre Glenzer (Ger) Winner: Glenzer (checkmate) Undercard George Crespo vs Chris Powell Winner: Powell (time penalty) Matt Read vs Nick Cornish Winner: Cornish (TKO)...
Interview with Andy 'The Rock' Costello

Interview with Andy ‘The Rock’ Costello

Andy Costello is arguably the UK’s most conditioned chessboxer. As a pro MMA fighter Andy knows how to work a ring and rarely leaves the crowd disappointed even drawing blood in his last match. How did you get into chess boxing? I got into chess boxing when I heard about it through a friend who’d...
Grand Prix: Brain vs. Pain - Report

Grand Prix: Brain vs. Pain – Report

Scala, King’s Cross – 23 March 2013 Full report and photos HEADLINE BOUT   TIM ‘CSI’ BENDFELDT (GER) v. BRYAN WOON (SIN) The climax of the evening featured a middleweight clash between the banker from Singapore, Bryan “Slinger” Woon and Germany’s Tim “CSI” Bendfeldt, the criminal prosecutor from Kiel in Germany. This was something of...
Steve 'Demon' Philip

Steve ‘Demon’ Philip

AGE – 29
ELO – 1500
BORN – Barnstable
RESIDING – Taunton
OCCUPATION – Park Ranger