Our next event will be staged at the beautiful York Hall in Bethnal Green.
For many known as the home of boxing, we are delighted to showcase our chessboxing spectacular there.
We will bring you a night of excellent bouts by established chessboxers as well as some new faces.
The line-up will be announced soon. Tickets are available via our ticketshop.







London Chessboxing
is really excited to be part of the World Power Show + Expo 2016.

There is such a wide range of power sports on display and it will be a great to meet fellow fitness enthusiasts.
We are hoping to offer a unique angle on what fitness and training can include.
Having the physical side of boxing interspersed with games of speed chess is a challenge to both – the body and the mind.
It is open to every ability level; whether you are looking for a fun recreational sport or want to test yourself in the ultimate battle.
London Chessboxing fans can get discounted tickets. More info here.